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This website is operated by Vital Beat, B.V. Laan van Niftarlake 60, 3612 BV Tienhoven, Netherlands, as the responsible body.

Vital Beat respects the privacy of each person who visits one of our websites. We always process your data in accordance with the statutory provisions, in particular with the Remote Services Data Protection Act and the EU Data Protection Directive.

The present privacy statement explains what information Vital Beat collects and stores and what further use is made of such data. This declaration will also inform you of how you can check the accuracy of the personal data which we store about you and how you can delete, block or update this personal data in our database.


Collection of personal data

When you visit the website, no personal data (such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or credit card details) will be stored for you, except for information freely provided by you or information automatically obtained from the cookies (see further below).


Our website invites the visitor to indicate personal data such as name, email or postal address.


Use of personal data

Vital Beat stores your personal data and uses it to contact you, for example to communicate with you in response to your questions or to send you product or promotional material including e-mails and text messages (e.g. SMS), or other information material from Vital Beat.


Vital Beat will not, without your express consent, release your personal data to third parties outside the Vital Beat group. External service providers who process data on instructions for us will be subject to a strict contractual obligation in the spirit of the EU Data Protection Directive and should therefore not be regarded as third parties for the purposes of data protection law. These service providers will in particular be prohibited from using your data for any other purposes than those originally agreed.


In the context of the purposes indicated in the present data protection declaration, in particular for the purpose of frictionless handling of e-mail and/or text message (e.g. SMS) campaigns your data is always subject to the same level of protection.


Personal data which we obtain in connection with job applications will only be used for licensing purposes and for further internal use. It will be available to all persons who are responsible for personnel management in Vital Beat. Special rules apply to the area of “e-recruiting”, for which you should, in addition, consult the data privacy policy for “e-recruiting”.


Your rights

It is up to you how Vital Beat should handle your data. You can at any time prohibit the use of your personal data, obtain information about the personal data stored on you or a copy of it, correct your personal data or have it updated, blocked or deleted. Please contact the competent body for this, which is indicated at the end of this declaration.

Information which we can automatically place on your computer (“cookies”) If you visit our web site, we can place information on your computer.


This takes place in the form of a so-called “cookie” or a similar file, which helps us in various ways. For example, “cookies” help us to compose a web site or product information which complies better with your interests or preferences. Most Internet browsers can delete the “cookies” from the hard disc or block them or contain a warning before a “cookie” is downloaded. Further information about these functions will be provided in the system settings on your browser.


Vital Beat will only use such automatically stored information with your previous consent in connection with the personal data which you have previously made available to us (e.g. on registration) on our website.


Data security, external links

Vital Beat gives an undertaking to ensure secure treatment of your personal data and to take appropriate precautionary measures to protect it against loss, abuse or falsification.


Vital Beat is not liable for the contents of other suppliers who can be reached through the hyperlinks on our website. Many links on our websites refer to contents which are not stored on our own servers. External contents have been checked for accuracy and criminal liability when the links were set up. Nevertheless, the possibility cannot be ruled out that contents from suppliers will be subsequently changed. Vital Beat is not required to keep this under constant monitoring and therefore rejects any liability.


Contacting us

If you would like contact us on your personal data and on data protection, please contact Vital Beat’s We will take appropriate measures to satisfy you.


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